Stock, John Bivins, pre-inlet, large Siler lock,
"B" profile 42" swamped barrel, extra fancy maple
Part Number: STK-GA-B-M4
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Price: $399.00
Our John Bivins' 1770 Lancaster inlet for a Golden Age "B" profile 42" swamped barrel, with mortise for large Siler right hand flint or percussion lock. Shaped from the lock panels back the stock is shaped with a square cheek piece. The forend is square ahead of the lock panels, to allow for easy bench vise mounting. Inlet for our large Bivins' buttplate. No triggerplate is inlet, so either single or double set triggers may be inlet. Rod hole is drilled 3/8" full depth. With 14" pull and 3-1/4" drop from the line of sights, the buttplate area is 5" tall, 2" wide. We recommend using our large Bivins' buttplate, triggerguard, rod pipes, sideplate, muzzle cap, and toeplate, in brass or steel to trim this stock.

Specifications for pre-inlet stocks:
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