French Fusil, pre shaped stock, pre-inlet,
Colerain "C" profile 44" fowler barrel, Fusil lock
Pre-inlet on Allen's patent 5 axis pantograph, this stock is shaped forward of the lock panels, squared to the muzzle. The forend is easily shaped after drilling for pins. Stock is pre-inlet for Tulle lock, 44" barrel, buttplate, trigger, and trigger plate, this stock is drilled full depth for a 3/8" rod. Pull length is about 14", drop is 4" measured from the line of sights. Buttplate end is about 2" wide, and 5" tall. Offered in plain maple, fancy maple, and plain walnut.

Unlike our standard Tulle fusil-de-chasse pattern, this stock is cut for Colerain's fancy 44" "C" profile octagon-to-round barrel. We offer this extra long barrel in 16, 20, or 24 gauge smoothbore, 20 gauge turkey choke, for extra tight patterns, or cut rifled in .50, .54, or .58 caliber rifled versions. Shaped from the lock panels back. The lock panels are crisp; the forend is squared to allow easy drilling and mounting in a vise. Shaped with cast-off for a right hand shooter. This slim fullstock is drilled full depth to accept a sturdy 3/8" diameter ramrod. Inlet for our French fusil lock, Tulle buttplate, and triggerplate.

Specifications for pre-inlet stock:
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