Early Tennessee, pre shaped, non-inlet, stock
15/16" octagon, 42" barrel
We offer our early Tennessee stock with 15/16” octagon barrel channel for any 42” straight octagon barrel, and 3/8” ramrod hole, with no lock or trigger mortise cut. You may select and hand inlet your favorite lock and trigger. Buttplate is not cut, so you may adjust the trigger reach to your desired length, up to 15 inches, or create a poor-boy rifle by omitting the buttplate.

Track's early Tennessee stock with accept any 15/16” straight octagon barrel channel up to 42” length, and drilled for a 3/8” ramrod hole. Not cut for the tang hand inlet a straight, flared, or your own custom shaped breech plug. The forend is pre-shaped, and the butt end has not been cut for the buttplate. This will allow you to build a primitive poor-boy rifle using our early Tennessee fullstock. Trigger reach may be adjusted up to 15”, with 4-1/2” drop, from the line of sights. The butt end is about 5” x 1-1/2”, not cut for the buttplate. Lock panels are shaped, with no lock mortise cut. Not inlet for a specific trigger, hand inlet your favorite in this nice stock.

Specifications for non-inlet stocks:
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