Hawken fullstock, pre shaped stock, pre-inlet,
1" octagon, 42" barrel, L&R late English lock
Shaped and pre-inlet for, L&R right hand late English lock, L&R Hawken double set triggers, and 1" flint hooked breech, this Hawken fullstock is modeled after the early work of Jacob and Samuel Hawken, with an early square cheekpiece, not the later beavertail found on halfstocks. We strongly recommend straight grain maple for large bores. Shaped for a right hand shooter, with 1" straight octagon barrel channel. The stock will accept barrels up to 42" in length. All have 7/16" ramrod hole drilled full depth, and a shaped forend. The buttplate is pre-cut. Order our Hawken plans to help layout and design this project.

Drop is about 3-1/2" from the line of sights. The butt end is about 5-1/4" x 1-1/4". The stock is cut for our early wide Hawken buttplate. This fullstock has the correct early Hawken style square cheekpiece, not the later Hawken beavertail cheek. Precision machine inlet for any 1" octagon barrel up to 42" in length. The breech plug is pre-inlet to accept the 1" L&R Hawken flint breech and tang. The lock mortise is cut for L&R's Manton late English right hand flint lock with either double throat, #LOCK-LR-900-D, or goose neck, #LOCK-LR-900, cock. For percussion ignition use our #LOCK-LR-300 with drum and nipple. A 4" mid-section of the forend is left square, to mount easily in your bench vise until all parts are fitted. This stock has a fully shaped forend, with rod groove and hole for a 7/16" ramrod, drilled full depth. Ramord entry pipe is pre-inlet. Trigger mortise is pre-inlet to accept the L&R Hawken double lever double set triggers. The toe is pre-inlet to accept the beavertail toeplate.

Specifications for non-inlet stocks:
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