Stock, Classic Tennessee, pre-inlet large Siler lock,
13/16" octagon, 42" barrel, semi-fancy maple
Part Number: STK-CTI-13-M2
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Price: $210.00
Our classic Tennessee fullstock has a buttstock with a straight comb, unlike our earlier stocks, a bit thicker than the very thin late Tennessee stocks. This stock will look great, when trimmed in iron. Pre-inlet for our slim 13/16" octagon 42" barrel, large Siler flint or percussion lock, our TR-DST-4 or 6 triggers, a straight tang plug, and drilled for a 3/8" ramrod. Trigger reach may be adjusted up to 15", with 4-1/2" drop. Butt end is 5 x 1-1/2", not yet cut for buttplate.

Southern mountain rifles were sometimes made in poor boy style, omitting the buttplate, toeplate, forend cap and ramrod entry pipe. A simple grease hole was sometimes drilled, instead of a patchbox. Our pre-inlet stock has a 42" straight octagon 13/16" barrel channel, and 3/8" rod hole drilled full depth. The stock is pre-inlet for a short straight tang. Shaping includes forend, crisp lock panels, straight cheekpiece, not cut for the buttplate.

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