Tulle fusil-de-chasse, pre-shaped stock, pre-inlet
42" octagon-to-round barrel, Fusil lock
Pre-inlet on Allen's patent 5 axis pantograph. Fully shaped, cut for our 42" octagon to round barrel. Pre-inlet for Track's Fusil lock, triggerguard, buttplate, trigger, trigger plate, sideplate, rod pipes, and drilled for a 3/8" rod.Our pattern was refined by Michael Hayes from a original Tulle musket found in Canada. Guns of this style were offered by French traders, across Canada and the Northern colonies, until the French were defeated by the British and ejected from Canada in 1763. Pull length is about 13-3/4", drop is 2-1/2" measured from the line of sights. Buttplate end is about 2" wide, and 4-3/4" tall. Offered in plain maple, fancy maple or plain walnut.

This stock is one of the easiest to assemble. Pre-inlet for our 20, or 24 gauge smoothbore, and .54, or .58 caliber rifled tapered octagon-to-round 42" fowler barrel. The barrel inlet is so crisp that the wedding bands are clearly visible in the barrel channel. Make the square cuts behind the plug, for a snap fit. The lock mortise is pre-inlet to accept the Track's French Fusil flint lock. The lock panels are well shaped with a tear drop tail at the rear of the lock panel. Pre-inlet to accept our wax cast brass or iron buttplate, trigger plate, and triggerguard. The forend is shaped and the ramrod entry, and two forward pipes are pre-inlet into the stock. The traditional flush mounted sideplate is inlet. A square vise block remains to allow easy mounting in a vise while working on the gun.

Specifications for pre-inlet stock:
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