Hand Stamp for French Tulle Fusil Fusil,
A. TVLLE lock stamp,
hardened steel, made in the USA,
by Track of the Wolf, Inc.
Part Number: STAMP-TULLE
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Price: $39.99
The A. Tulle lock marking is found on French Tulle fusil de chasse lock plates ahead of the flint cock. During the early 1700's the letter "V" and "U" were used interchangably thus the TVLLE spelling. This stamp is copied from a original in Track's collection and includes a slight U shaped arc to the letters found on the original fusil.

The lock mark is about .675" wide, about .15" tall, and the tool body is about 13/16" wide, 5/16" thick, and 1-1/4" tall. hardened to Rc 62 to 65 (as hard as a file). Wrap the body with masking tape to provide a better grip.

Made in the USA, of very hard steel, this tool will give a long life, if used correctly.

Be careful, be safe. If mis-struck, this steel marking punch can become a projectile. Wear safety glasses. Protect your fingers.

Our instructions are included with each tool. Or click the download tab to view, and print these step-by-step instructions as a .pdf file.

Marks on rounded or flat steel surfaces require multiple strikes, in sequence. Marks in wood require only one controlled strike.

No Return, No Refund, No Exchange. Steel marking punches are expendable hardened steel tool bits, with a service life similar to drill bits or hand taps. The value is in the first use. Longevity is under the control of the user. We do not offer a warranty nor a refund for these tools. They are an investment for future use.

Never attempt to mark tempered steel, plated steel, or case-hardened steel with these hand stamps.
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