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French TULLE Fusil Fin,
Part Number: SP-TULLE-1-I
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French sideplate, convex, for a Tulle fine fusil (fusil-fin), or fancy fusil-de-chasse. This sideplate may be inlet slightly, but is most often surface mounted.

Ideal for use with our 3/8" deluxe dome head bolts, with 8-32 or 10-32 thread. Wax cast brass. Lock bolt holes are spaced 3" on center, to fit a fusil or fowler size flint lock.

Our #SP-Tulle-2-I iron sideplate is correct for a Tulle fusil-de-chasse, which were generally trimmed in iron.
Our #SP-Tulle-1-B brass sideplate is typical for a Tulle fusil-fin, which were generally trimmed in brass.

Wax cast steel, made in the USA.

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