Serpent sideplate,
for a
North West Trade Gun,
wax cast brass
Part Number: SP-NW-2-B
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Price: $16.99
This highly detailed serpent sideplate was moulded directly from an original North West Trade Gun sideplate.

Undrilled, the hole pads are slightly elongated to allow 3.2 to 3.5" lock bolt hole spacing, for locks as small as our Chambers' Fowling Gun flint lock, Tryon Trade Gun lock, or the large Brown Bess Musket lock. We recommend about 3.2" hole spacing, trimming the pads evenly around the edge of each bolt head.

Wax cast brass, we recommend wire brushing with very fine bristles, and polishing compound (Simichrome or other brass polish).

It may be installed in a shallow inlet, but is most often surface mounted. Debur the flat back surface, before installation. Made for right hand use, only.

Made in the USA.

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