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French Fusil,
iron (wax cast steel)
Part Number: SP-FUSIL-A-I
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Price: $11.99
Engraving is cast in. Bolt holes are about perfect for our French Type ā€œCā€, Type ā€œDā€, Tulle, L & R Trade Lock, Twigg, Early Ketland and similar flintlocks. Shorten the front for smaller locks. Matching triggerguard and buttplate are available.

Wax cast steel. Overall length 5-1/2". Made in the USA.

This simple early sideplate has an attractive pointed tail. Long enough for larger flint locks, or shorten the front end for symmetry around the front lock bolt, on rifle size locks. French influenced, this sideplate is very similar to the French Type D fusil sideplate.

Wax cast brass. Overall length 5-5/8". Made in the USA.

Shown in exact full size photography, in our full line Catalog
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