Brass Shot Shell,
10 gauge, 2-7/8", new production,
use large pistol primer, each
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This new production all brass shotgun shell is designed for a 10 gauge shotgun with a 2-7/8" or longer chamber, such as the famous Parker Brother's 10 gauge shotguns.

The head is engraved Parker Brothers Meriden, Conn. - 10 gauge A markings for a historic appearance. The 'A' designation indicates a 'thin wall' brass case that accepts 9 gauge wads for best compression.

This all brass shotshell uses large pistol primers.

We recommend our 9 gauge wads and cards for use with this shot shell:
#WAD-09-A over powder card is .125" (1/8") thick cardstock.
#WAD-09-C soft cushion wad is .500" (1/2") thick fiber.
#WAD-09-B over shot card is a thin white card, for use over the shot.

One dram of black powder is about 27.3 grains. Thus, a 4 dram charge for a 10 gauge gun is about 110 grains. We recommend Fg or FFg black powder.

Prime the case by placing a standard large pistol primer on a smooth flat surface, and gently press the case down over the primer.

Place the 'A' card over the powder, then the 'C' wad pressed firmly over the powder.

Charge the case with the same volume of lead bird shot, or slightly less than the volume of powder to increase speed. Avoid steel shot in antique guns. Bismuth shot is legal for waterfowl, expensive, but be sure to carry your bismuth label or receipt since the game warden cannot detect bismuth with a magnet. It looks and shoots like lead.

If the shot does not fill the case nearly to the mouth, pour out the shot, insert another 'A' card, and pour in the shot again. Repeat as needed. When you find the proper wad column height, insert the stack of 'A' cards first.

Letter the white over shot 'B' card with the charge, perhaps 3-1/2, 1-3/4, 6 which means 3-1/2 drams of black powder, 1-3/4 ounces of No. 6 lead bird shot.

Use a waterproof laundry pen or felt marker to record the charge.

Seal the white card just below the case mouth, using popular DuPont DUCO cement, or a bead of Elmer's Carpenter's glue diluted with an equal part of water, using a small artist's brush. Or a drop of candle wax will seal the card and allow immediate use, although not quite as secure as glue. Brass cases are costly. Avoid the temptation to crimp.

Decap and wash the cases with a 10 gauge bore brush in hot tap water, the same day of firing, else powder residue will cause verdigris corrosion inside.

Price is per individual shot shell. Order several!
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