leather Neck Sheath
for a small knife,
accepts blades upto 2-1/2" length and 3/4" width
Part Number: SHEATH-NS
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Price: $12.99
This leather neck sheath is 5" long, with a 32" lanyard loop forming a necklace that holds this knife securely under your shirt when traveling fast, or suspend it up front, for easy use, as a patch knife while loading and shooting your longrifle. Ideal for small knives with up to a 2-1/2" blade length and 3/4" blade width.

The sheath is vegetable tanned leather, with the least amount of chemistry to react with the steel. The sheath is dyed with professional saddle maker dyes to a custom dark brown, saturated with Neatsfoot oil, and waxed for lasting protection.

Ideal for our #KNIFE-FT-T small French Trade Knife, it will also fit our #BLADE-N2 laminated blade.
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