Screw for Sharps Tang Sight, each, special #10-28 thread, bright steel to mount Sharps tang sight.
Order two (2) screws.
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Screw for Sharps Tang Sight, #10-28 thread, bright steel to mount Sharps tang sight. These screws have a 5/16" diameter head, a overall length of .42", and threaded shaft of .29".

Two of these screws are required to mount a tang sight on an a Sharps rifle. This odd #10-28 special thread size fits the original antique Sharps rifle, Shiloh Sharps, C. Sharps, and some lesser known Sharps replicas made in the USA.

If your Sharps rifle has original style mounting screw holes in the tang, spaced 2.260" center to center, this screw will fit perfectly. Order two screws.

This screw will not fit the 1863 or 1874 Sharps rifles by Pedretti, SILE, EMF, IAB, Powder River, or Marcheno these rifles require metric screws. We often do have metric screws to fit those rifles, which have more closely spaced mounting screw hole centers.

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