Ramrod Tip with Covered Ball Puller Worm,
for 7/16" ramrod, brass base and cover,
fancy tapered antique style ball puller screw
with sharp tip of tempered steel
Part Number: RT-CW-7
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Price: $9.99
This brass base is designed for use on a 7/16" ramrod. It is ideal for use on the hidden end of a tapered large bore rifle or shotgun ramrod. You will need to turn the end of the rod down to 3/8" then glue and cross drill and pin the tip in place.

The base and knurled cap are .425" diameter, slightly under 7/16" to easily enter a 7/16" ramrod pipe and ramrod hole.

The base and knurled cover are 2" in length when assembled. Hidden under the cover is a hardened steel tapered worm screw, with a sharp tip, for pulling balls or wads.

Made in the U.S.A., in Elk River, Minnesota, by Track of the Wolf, we turn this SHARP tip!

We also offer a selection of jagged covers for a variety of calibers for use with cleaning patches.
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