Creedmoor Vernier Tang Sight,
for Mid Range competition,
with 3" elevation and windage,
plus true Vertical alignment
Part Number: RS-CREED-3-WE
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Price: $95.99
This mid-range 3" Creedmoor Vernier tang sight includes two pivoting adjustment screws in the base, to allow perfectly true Vertical alignment, without file fitting the base to your tang.

This sight does have windage adjustment, built in. You may loosen the eye disk, and slide the eye-disk carriage vane from side-to-side, for windage. Be sure to scribe a zero mark, since the vane is unmarked.

Two 4-7mm mounting screws are included. Base mounting holes are 1.510" on center. Made in Italy, this sight is often fitted to Sharps rifles by Pedretti, EMF, IAB, Siles, or Powder River. This 3" sight is too short for Remington Rolling Blocks, see our taller 5" version.

Blued steel, over 3" tall, a detent spring locks it upright, unless folded down. Vernier elevation markings are engraved on the side. Record your 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 yard settings in your notebook, for each bullet you use.

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