Isaac Haines Pistol Ramrod Pipes,
octagon with ringed ends,
for 5/16" or 3/8'' rod, wax cast brass or iron
Shown in side view, and top view, these short ramrod pipes are octagon with rings at each end. Available to accept a 5/16", or 3/8" diameter ramrod as cast, in your choice of brass or iron (steel), for a fullstock pistol. They may be easily modified for a halfstock pistol.

Designed for use on our Kentucky pistol stocks, and Dueling pistol stocks.

Our entry pipe (where rod enters the wood) has an integral skirt. The pipe body is 7/8" length, about 1-3/4" overall, including the skirt. Your choice of wax cast brass or iron (steel). Use our #PIN-3/32" steel dowel pin for mounting the entry pipe on a fullstock or halfstock pistol.

Our forward pipe, with lug for pin, is 3/4" overall length. Made for a fullstock pistol (with wood extending to muzzle), most pistols use only one forward pipe. Use one, or sometimes two #PIN-3/32 steel dowel pins, to retain a brass or iron pipe.

Our forward pipe may be modified. Remove the lug before mounting to the rib of a halfstock rifle. File a flat on the pipe, and a matching flat into the rib. Cut the rib deep enough to allow the ramrod to slide smoothly down the inside of the rib, and through the pipe. Tin both flats with solder, cool, clamp in place, then re-heat to sweat solder the two flats together. Wipe off excess solder, using steel wool, while molten. We recommend using our #SOLDER-SB Stay-Brite extra strong solder and flux.

Fullstock pistols, with wood to the muzzle, require one entry pipe, and one forward pipe with pin lug. Order two mounting pins. Short ramrod pipes were also sometimes used on flint rifles and fowling guns, in sets of three or four.

Halfstock pistols, with metal underrib to the muzzle, require one entry pipe, and one forward pipe without lug. Order one mounting pin or one mounting screw, plus solder and flux. Halfstock rifles use two or three forward pipes.
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