Wedding Band Ramrod Pipes,
for 3/8" rod,
wax cast brass or iron
Shown in side view, and top view, these ramrod pipes are round with wedding band at center, for 3/8" ramrod, in your choice of brass or iron (steel), for fullstock.

Our entry pipe (where rod enters the wood) has an integral skirt. The pipe body is 1-1/4" length, about 2-8/8" overall, including the skirt. Your choice of wax cast brass or steel. Use our #PIN-3/32" steel dowel pin for mounting the entry pipe on a fullstock gun.

Our forward pipe, with lug for pin, is 1-1/2" overall length. Made for a fullstock rifle or fowling gun (with wood extending to muzzle), most guns use two forward pipes. A few extra long rifles use three forward pipes. Use one, or sometimes two #PIN-3/32 steel dowel pins, to retain a brass or iron pipe.

Fullstock guns, require one entry pipe, and two forward pipes with pin lugs. Order three mounting pins. Extra long fullstock guns may use three forward pipes.
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