Under Rib,
drawn steel, 4-3/4", for
15/16" octagon barrel
Part Number: RIB-HP
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.95
This drawn steel 4-3/4" underrib smooth and ready for installation, final polishing, and finishing. It will fit a 12" or shorter barrel, assuming a 7-1/4" forend length (4-3/4" + forend length = barrel length).

Sometimes soldered to the bottom flat of your 15/16" octagon barrel, we recommend using our Stay-Brite brand solder, to tin the mating surfaces. Assembly with solder requires simultaneous assembly of the rib, barrel, middle and front ramrod pipes.

We prefer to mount this rib with our 5-40 thread special rib screws, to allow easy assembly, browning, and soldering of the rod pipes. We also offer 6-40 and 6-48 rib screws.

Our gunsmith will install this rib, and ramrod pipes, at extra cost, when you order the barrel, plug, rib, ramrod pipes, rib screws, and installation labor on the same order.

Click ADD TO CART, for same day shipment. When matching an old barrel, we must have the old barrel, or old stock, or both, to be certain of correct dimensions.
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