Nipple primer,
for percussion guns
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This tiny flask dispenses priming powder directly into the nipple, to clear a mis-fire. It must be filled with very finely granulated black powder. This small flask is 3-5/16" long with a 1/2" diameter.

If you do not have FFFFg priming powder available, place one-half teaspoon of FFg or FFFg into a saucer. Press the spoon with your thumb, and gently grind the powder to dust. Unscrew the rear cap to fill the primer. The inside cone shape fits all nipple sizes. Primed nipples will hang-fire slightly.

Use this brass nipple primer to clear a plugged nipple, or to ignite a damp charge. Reseat the ball with a rod before each attempt, to avoid the possibility of a bulged barrel. Carry this ingenious nipple priming flask in your match shooting box, and especially in your hunting bag. Made in the U.S.A.
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