Breech plug,
straight tang
3/4-16 thread, for 15/16" or 1" octagon,
.550" journal length
Part Number: PLUG-ST-16-3-R
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Price: $9.99
Breech Plug, flint style, straight tang, 3/4-16 thread, with .550" journal length, for 15/16" or 1" octagon. Made in the USA, milled steel. Tang is about 3-1/8" length.

This special plug with .550" thread length, is pre-cut to the exact length required by our 20 or 24 gauge, and .54, or .58 caliber rifled octagon-to-round barrel.

Bend the tang to match your stock profile, cold, after fitting this plug to your barrel, before drilling the tang screw hole.
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