Hawken flint breech & tang, 1" octagon, 3/4-16 thread
Part Number: PLUG-FHG-16-3
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Price: $45.99
The threaded plug fits inside the barrel, with no extended octagon "false breech" addition. Mating surfaces are fitted and finished, on this plug, only. Other require file fitting. You may build a flint Hawken rifle, or install a drum for use with L&R's matching percussion lock. Left hand shooters rejoice!

Like all breechplugs, it is important to seat the face of the plug against the inside shoulder of the breech, sealing it. Coat threads with Birchwood Casey's choke tube lube or graphite grease, to permit easy removal, years from now. It is also necessary to have the rear surface of this plug align with the rear surface of your barrel. Trim the rear of the barrel, to allow the tang to fully seat properly.

Uncertain about fitting this plug? It must seat and seal against the inside shoulder of your rifle barrel's bore. We can install this plug in your barrel, quickly, and accurately. See our Gunsmithing Labor page for details.
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