English Fowler flint 1-1/16" octagon hooked breech plug,
3/4-16 thread
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This English style tang is wax cast of malleable 8620 steel. It may be straightened, or bent cold. Made in 3/4-16 with a .550" thread journal. The overall length of the tang is just over 1-13/16".

The groove at the top of the tang resembles those found on British Officer's fusils, and some pre-Revolutionary War era fowling guns. Build your own flint fowling gun, fancy trade gun, or Committee of Safety style military musket, using this plug and tang. Note that N. M. L. R. A. rules for the N. W. Trade Gun Match do not allow a rear sight above the plane of the barrel. You may finish the tang to be even with the top of the barrel, and extend the groove by filing into the top surface of the barrel, to match the tang, using a round file.

The small lug at the bottom of the tang is a pin lug to secure the tang to the stock. This is a small detail found on better English fowlers, and can be easily removed if desired.

This plug is ideal for use with Colerain's 44" octagon-to-round smoothbore or rifled barrels with 1-1/16" (1.062") breech and 3/4-16 threads.

A example of this style of English breech plug fitted to a Colerain octagon-to-round barrel. This 1750 era rifle was assembled by contemporary builder J.E. Brown.
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