American Fowler 1-1/8" hooked breech & tang 3/4-16 thread
Part Number: PLUG-AF-18-3
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Price: $43.99
Malleable steel, this tang may be bent cold. Each wax cast plug has been X-ray inspected for internal flaws before threading. Our 3/4-16 thread fits barrels up to 20 gauge, and our 7/8-14" thread fits fowling guns up to 10 gauge, 1-1/8" octagon at the breech. You may use this plug with either a right or left hand lock, flint or percussion. Order a flash hole liner for flint use, or a percussion powder drum. Build a flint fowler, fancy trade gun, or Committee of Safety military style musket with this plug. This threaded plug also fits our English Fowler hooked tang.

The tang is 4-1/2" long, 3/8" wide at the narrow end and 1/2" wide at the mid-point of the tang.
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