Pistol Loading Rod and Short Starter,
12" hickory 3/8" diameter rod, 10-32 threads,
ideal for medium caliber pistols, .40 to .54 caliber.
Part Number: PL-6
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Price: $12.99
Pistol loading rod and short starter with sturdy 3/8" diameter 12" hickory rod. The rod is fitted with a 3/8" diameter brass tip with 10-32 female threads. Oil finished, assembled with waterproof glue, brass tips.

This pistol loading rod and short starter is ideal for medium caliber pistols from .40 to .54 caliber. Add a 10-32 threaded cleaning jag and use this sturdy rod to clean the bore at the end of a day of shooting, which will save wear and tear on the fitted ramrod on your pistol.

Modern synthetic patch lubricants (Wonder, 1000, Miracle) are very slippery, allowing reloading without wiping, but this is not good practice.

Replaces TRESO 11-10-45.
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