Steel Dowel Pin, 3/32" diameter, 1-1/2", hardened, for lug, pipe, guard, or trigger pivot pin
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Our 3/32" steel dowel pins are hardened to Rc 65, ideal for pinning barrel lugs, triggerguards, ramrod pipes, trigger pivot pins, and other parts. Our 3/32" dowel pins are .0937" diameter, 1-1/2" length, with neatly chamfered ends.

Old time gunmakers used pins, whenever possible, to avoid making screws. Pins are the correct traditional method. Nail shanks are far too soft, with no spring temper, and never the exact diameter you need.

Caution: drilling tiny 1/16" pin holes can cause problems.This tiny size is often recommended in gunmaking books, to our amazement. Small pins are hard to buy, hard to use, and easily bent. Broken drill bits (especially when breaking through the lug), bent drill bits, misaligned holes, and drill run-out, are all common problems with tiny 1/16" pins.

Our best quality 3/32" steel dowel pins solve all these problems. Order several!

Order a few #Drill-3/32 drill bits, to insure easy installation and perfect fit.
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