H. E. Leman Capbox Kit,
wax cast brass, 3-3/4" overall length
Part Number: PB-LEMAN-B
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Price: $34.99
Sometimes called the wilted lilly capbox, this design we originally used on H. E. Leman Plains rifles, Indian Trade rifles, and was sometimes engraved on his finer longrifles.

Wax cast brass, the lid must drilled and pinned to the bezel. A 1/16" pivot pin is included. This kit requires minor fitting and a flat spring (you may elect to use our #PB-SPRING-T tempered patchbox spring, and #SCREW-6-40-R mounting screw, sold separately).

The fit of the brass lid to the brass bezel is the best we've ever seen on an as-cast patchbox kit, nearly a perfect fit.

Add finger relief groove in the bezel with a file. Countersink both pre-cast holes, and use two #SCREW-8x5/8 wood screws, sold separately, to secure it to the stock. Overall length is 3-3/4".

This is an exact copy from the original Henry E. Leman trade rifle in our collection.
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