Hinged Patchbox Kit, with spring, nickel silver,
7-3/4" overall length
Part Number: PB-KIT-S
Availability: In Stock
Price: $26.99
Curved to fit your buttstock, neatly hinged with steel cam finger inside the lid, cam spring and mounting screw. We show the rough underside to reveal the features. Polished outside, the curved hing fits well. Made of .052" thick silver. The flat spring is tempered, ready to use, it may be finger soldered under the lid. Use this blank kit to copy an original. 7-3/4" overall length.

Door is 1.00" wide, 4.25" long (not including hinge curl).

Head is 1.62" wide, 3.67" long (including hinge curl).

Side panels are 0.75" wide. One is 4.0" long, the other is 4.5" long.

Made in the USA, solid nickel silver, we do not sell plated items.

The nice hinge is the valuable part, hard to get perfect.

Cutting the panels and head are fun projects, using our #JEWELER-SAW small Jeweler's saw or a small Scroll saw.
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