Early Virginia longrifle Patchbox Kit, brass,
6-5/8" overall length
Part Number: PB-KIT-10-B
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Price: $31.99
This patchbox kit has a neatly formed hinge, and is slightly curved to conform to the shape of your buttstock. Tempered springs and instructions are included. Made of brass, this was the traditional trim for an early longrifle. We recommend mounting the patchbox with nine of our #SCREW-6-1/2 unplated iron wood screws.

This patchbox was used on a Pre-Revolutionary War era American longrifle, by F. Klette, Culpepper County, Virginia, shown in Kentucky Rifles & Pistols, 1750 - 1850. The lack of side panels on either edge of the patchbox lid are typical for an early patchbox, or you may use the side panels included. Overall length is about 6-5/8".

This brass patchbox is shown installed and engraved on this fine rifle by J. Eddie Brown and sold on our website. The fire blued mounting screws have the slots neatly aligned to flow with the lines of the rifle.

The patchbox kit shown installed on a Pre-Revolutionary War era American longrifle, similar to a original by F. Klette, Culpepper County, Virginia. Rifle shown assembled by J. Eddie Brown. Build your own!
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