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Leather Accoutrements
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Our pattern for Frontiersman's Leather Accoutrements include these items for the primitive shooter: a rifle scabbard, half leggings, a tomahawk sheath, a knife scabbard, a knife sheath, and a shooting bag.

Made in the USA, published by Eagle View. All terms are fully defined in the handy glossary. Bold illustrated instructions make Eagle View patterns easy to use, even for the novice.


AccoutrementLatigo leatherLeatherRawhide
Half Leggings26 x 20"
Tomahawk Sheath17 x 6"
Knife Scabbard9 x 12"
Knife Sheath12 x 9"12 x 8"
Rifle Scabbard50 x 15"
  • Fringe for Scabbard
  • 20 x 30"
    Shooting Bag30 x 9"

    Leather: Light or medium weight leather, light weight latigo and light weight rawhide. Rifle scabbard my be made with trade blanket or trade cloth material.

    Notions: Thread or imitation sinew.

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