Pattern for
Girl's Leather Indian Dress

size 8 to 12
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Our pattern for a Plains Indian Leather Dress is a traditional three hide dress, of the Plains Indians. Both primitive and tailored styles are illustrated. It may be decorated for best dress, or worn plain for everyday use. Long sleeves, fringe, and cut edges are options. Includes the guide Working with Leather.

Made in the USA, published by Eagle View. All terms are fully defined in the handy glossary. Bold illustrated instructions make Eagle View patterns easy to use, even for the novice.


HidesSize 8Size 10Size 12Size 16Size 20
  • 2 Hides, usable area each
  • 23 x 21"24 x 24"26 x 28"28 x 31"30 x 32"
  • 1 Hides, usable area each
  • 12 x 35"13 x 35"15 x 37"17 x 41"18 x 44"
    Optional sleeve fringe add
  • 1 Hide, usable area
  • 10 x 12"12 x 13"14 x 15"17 x 17"20 x 18"

    Leather: Light to medium weight leather.

    Notions: Thread or imitation sinew.

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