Nipple Wrench for Revolvers,
for .36 & .44 Colt Army & Navy Models,
and other revolvers with a large nipple recess.
Part Number: NW-140
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Price: $6.99
Our wrenches feature a high carbon steel body with a low carbon steel rod handle. Special commercial tempering gives optimum strength to the wrench fingers. The malleable handle will flex if excess torque is applied, to avoid damage. Our wrenches are not unbreakable, but they are pretty close!

#NW-140 wrench has a .187" slot in a .34" shaft, to fit .36 or .44 large frame Navy or Army Colt Model revolvers. These generally use of our #PCC-S stainless steel nipples with 12-28 threads (coarser pitch),, but some use six (6) of our #PIR-S stainless steel nipples with M6-.75mm threads (fine pitch).

This wrench will NOT fit into the nipple recess of your 1858 Remington New Model Army, or Ruger Old Army, or Colt Pocket Model, or Colt Pocket Police revolvers. Use our #NW-130 for those revolvers with smaller recess clearance.

Revolvers are made in batches, in Italy, to the importer's specifications. Nipple size can vary within a brand, from lot to lot. Generally, the 1858 Remington copies use the metric nipple. Generally, the Colt replicas made after 1980 use the 12-28 nipple. But we have seen variations.

Lubricate your percussion nipple threads with #BC-CTL Choke Tube Lube, and easily remove them, even after hundreds of shots. It withstands high temperatures, and prevents thread galling.

Stuck nipple? Try soaking the cylinder in penetrating oil for a few weeks, and be gentle using this wrench. Once removed, use our #BC-CTL Choke Tube Lubricant to prevent the nipple from ever becoming stuck.

Color of product will vary due to the heat treating process.
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