Northern States Paper Money Set ,
reproduction of 9 assorted bills
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Not until it became necessary to finance the Civil War, did the United States have what could be considered a national paper currency. Before that the only paper money was provided by state-chartered banks estimated to number about 1500 in 1862, up from about 1400 in 1856. Many of these banks did not stand on firm financial ground, nor were all their dealings on the up-and-up. In addition, although many notes were beautifully engraved, it was a time when printing techniques were easily counterfeited. Of the approximately 7,000 different bank notes circulating during the Civil War, about half were spurious. For this reason sometimes even "good" currency from one state was not accepted in another, or was discounted up to 50%. Numerous weekly publications called "bank-note detectors" listed "bad" money. Merchants could also look for bank failings reported in their local newspaper. In 1865 , Congress placed prohibitive tax on state bank notes. This lead to the development of the familiar check account business as a substitute.

This set includes:

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