Primitive Scissors Mold,
.310" round ball
for .32 caliber rifle,
blued steel, with sprue nipper handles
Part Number: MOLD-BAG-310
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Similar to the antique "possibles bag" style ball mold used by Mel Gibson in the movie The Patriot, this .310" ball is ideal for use in .32 caliber rifle. It is not quite large enough to seal a .31 caliber Pocket Model percussion revolver.

Made like an original antique ball mold, from the 1750 to 1870 era, this single cavity mold is made of forged steel, neatly fitted and hinged. Neatly file finished and temper blued, this ball mold is about 7" long. The steel handles will be too hot to touch during use, so wear your leather gloves while casting balls.

The mold cavity casts a round ball, with a "cherry" shaped stem, called a "sprue". This mold features a sprue nipper, to trim away the sprue from each ball, after the ball has cooled. Due to the hand made design of this ball mold, the inside cavity casts a lead ball that is nearly perfectly round. Like all original hand cut molds, the ball is not absolutely perfectly round, when measured with precision digital calipers, but every ball is cast exactly the same, from the same cavity. Load the sprue at top center, for best accuracy.

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