Lyman Bullet Dipper,
right and left, with pouring spout
Part Number: LYMAN-LADLE
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The cast iron head is shaped for easy, accurate pouring and prevents air pockets in the finished bullet.

The long stem makes this dipper cool to handle, and can also be used for stirring molten lead alloys. The wooden handle makes the dipper comfortable to use. Ladle is almost 2-1/4" wide. about 12" length.

Now threaded on both the right and left, you can change from right to left operation in seconds.

Place the level pouring nozzle firmly against the sprue plate while holding the mold at 90 degrees. Rotate both upright, smoothly filling the mold fully, without turbulence.

Maintain a regular rythm to keep the mold temperature constant, to make perfect bullets.

Originally known as the Carver Ladle, this design was in use shortly after the Civil War.
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