Lyman Great Plains Hunter Signature Series Rifle,
.50 caliber, 1 in 24" twist, 30" barrel,
walnut, blued steel furniture, right hand, percussion,
factory new in-the-box, unfired, by Davide Pedersoli & Co.
Part Number: LYMAN-GPH-S-50-P
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Price: $949.99
The Lyman "Signature Series" rifles are manufactured by Davide Pedersoli & Co. of Italy. Stocked in walnut, trimmed in iron furniture, the rifle features a fast twist 30" barrel with a hooked breech, two captured wedge keys, double set triggers, fiber optic rear sight, and gold bead front sight. . Trigger reach is 14" exactly, to fit a 5' 10" or taller shooter most comfortably. The .50 caliber rifle average weight is 9.5 pounds.

Based on the Hawken plains rifle, the rifle is similar to rifles built by the famous Saint Louis rifle makers, Samuel Hawken, Gemmer, and Horace E. Dimick to the meet the demands of experienced backwoodsmen, western pioneers, and fur trappers. It was the culmination of years of firearms development. This classic muzzleloading rifle is fitted with a .50 caliber 30" barrel, with 1 turn in 24" twist. The front sight is a gold bead with a steel base, a fiber optic rear sight is fitted. The top flat is marked Great Plains Hunter, the quarter flat at the breech is stamped with the Italian proof marks, manufacturer marks, serial number, caliber, and rate of twist. The walnut stock is stained to a dark brown with a satin finish. The furniture is polished and blued and includes a traditional skirted ramrod entry pipe and forend cap.

The percussion lock is color case hardened in mottled colors. The lock features a traditional late percussion mainspring with swivel link, and fly detent in the tumbler. Double lever double set triggers are fitted, for target shooting, or hunting. The triggers are well adjusted, to allow cocking the lock, or setting the trigger, in any sequence. You may fire the rifle with the trigger set, for a hair trigger release. Or, fire this rifle with the trigger unset, for a firm normal trigger release, ideal for cold weather hunting, or youth training.

A Hawken style hooked breech allows the barrel to be easily dismounted for cleaning without risk of wetting the stock with water containing black powder residue. To dismount the barrel, put the lock on half cock, withdraw the ramrod, drift the key past the underlug, and the barrel can be lifted from the barrel channel for ease of cleaning. Remove the 1/4-28 nipple and place the breech end of the barrel in a bucket of soapy water. Run a wet patch down and up the bore, the pumping action will flush all the fouling from the barrel. Once the bore is clean, run a dry patch down the bore to pick up any moisture followed by an oily patch. Dry and oil the exterior then reassemble the rifle. The ramrod is fitted with brass tips, and the hidden end is threaded to accept 10-32 cleaning and loading accessories.

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