English Bar Lock left Percussion Lock, with Express hammer, by L&R
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English Bar Lock left Percussion Lock, with Express hammer

The English “bar” lock is so-called because it uses a “drip bar” soldered to the barrel, instead of wood above the lock plate. This improvement eliminates wood in this critical area ahead of the nipple, where constant over-spray might char it.

Most better London & Birmingham makers used “bar” locks, as did such famous American makers as H. E. Dimick of St. Louis. The bar lock was used on half stock rifles. When used in pairs on double guns, barrels overhang the plates, to eliminate the filler bars.

We offer the right drip bar only. Matching right and left bars can be made from two right bars.

Other features include a fly, and mainspring link with integral pins, which pivots to lift out of the tumbler, a fine English feature.
The hammer has a long 1.745” throw for use with barrels from
15/16” up to 1-1/4” at breech. Our left “bar” locks exactly match our right locks. In lieu of a front bolt, a lug can be added inside the plate, to hook under a hidden wood screw head, set in the lock mortise.

Since the internal parts are used in other L&R locks, the other styles of hammers may be fitted to these locks. The Hawken, Leman, and English hammers are misnomers, as all these are really English designs. We use these names for clarity, since these hammer shapes are well known from those locks. Our matching hammers, locks and parts may be used to repair or replicate old rifles and shotguns.

This lock exactly matches our right hand English bar lock.

This lock is shown at exact-full-size, in Track's new catalog for gunmakers and gunsmiths.
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