lock, percussion, H.E. Leman Trade Rifle,
left hand, by L&R
Part Number: LOCK-LR-400
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Price: $120.00
H. E. Leman, Henry Derringer, and many other Pennsylvania & Ohio rifle makers used this style lock on “trade rifles” sold by merchants and traders to westbound emigrants. Correct for late longrifles and Indian trade rifles of the 1840 to 1880 era.

Locks used by Henry Leman’s factory often have a distinctive flat tail at the rear of the lock. We leave this modification as an exercise for the rifle maker. Copying such tiny details, making parts match originals, is one measure of gunmaking skill.

Plate is finished bright in and out. Pre-cut for our standard 1/2 inch diameter drum, we recommend our Drum-8-5-FN. You can use this lock with a patent breech. Make a thin card template to fit the breech, then trace it to the lock plate, and file to fit.

The hammer has a 1.625” throw, for use with barrels from 13/16” and including the big 1-1/8” octagon. Our left hand H. E. Leman Trade Rifle lock exactly matches the right hand lock.

This lock exactly matches our right hand H.E. Lemanpercussion lock.

This lock is shown at exact-full-size, in Track's new catalog for gunmakers and gunsmiths.
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