John Bailes left hand, flint lock, by L&R
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Sometimes called a small Manton, baby Durs Egg, or small English flint lock. This smaller lock is a fine London design, in the style of John Bailes, gunmaker. Correctly used on English pistols, rifles and dainty fowlers of the 1770-1810 period. After about 1780 this improved style of lock is found on American guns, having been smuggled here from England in quantity.

More complex than the small Siler lock, notice that the cock jaws point directly into the semi-waterproof pan. The unusual frizzen flange fits and seals the pan, keeping priming dry. The well designed tumbler and sear have raised bearing rings turned around axles, to minimize friction. Lock makers sometimes call this a “frictionless" or “ghosted" lock, because you can see through its internals, if viewed sideways.

A fly detent is fitted to the tumbler's mortise, preventing the sear from accidentally engaging the half-cock notch when fired. Suitable for use with plain or set triggers. Similar in size to the small Siler lock, to fit straight or swamped barrels 3/4" to 1" octagon at the breech.

Notice the “cut away" tumbler and “swing out" link, which greatly simplify lock disassembly. As you examine the photographs, notice the tumbler's lower arm is made to catch the mainspring if the tumbler arm or link should break while being cocked. Indeed, in the early days of metallurgy, this was the “weakest link" in this style of lock. But even if the link fails, this lock will fire its one last shot. Obviously John Bailes, the old London lock maker, was conservative! You can depend of this nice lock to spark well! Primed with a small amount of GOEX FFFFg, it is sure to fire. Don't cover the vent with priming.

Yes, the photo shows just how tightly the frizzen fits the pan. This lock plate is nicely polished bright, inside. All exterior parts are bead blasted to a matte gray, ready for browning.

This lock exactly matches our right hand John Bailesflint lock.

We recommend that you order a dozen Flint-#ENG-5 English 5/8" gun flints, too.

This lock is shown at exact-full-size, in Track's new catalog for gunmakers and gunsmiths.

Flint lock, LEFT, small London made lock in the style of Joseph Manton or John Bailes, by L&R.

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