Jaeger Rifle
percussion conversion lock,
by R. E. Davis Co.
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This nice large percussion conversion lock is distinctly “Germanic” style for use on transitional American longrifles of the 1750-1760 era that would have been converted to percussion in the 1820-1840's. This lock is made for Track, by the R. E. Davis Company.

Intended for use on “transitional” longrifles, so-called because they fit midway between the early short barreled “Jaeger” hunting rifles, and the classic longrifles we know so well, these medium length rifles were generally .50 to .69 caliber, with a sliding wooden patchbox.

See George Shumway’s new book, Jaeger Rifles, BOOK-J#R, sold separately.

Larger than Siler’s large lock, this lock is an earlier and more decorative design. This is the so-called “banana” lock plate design, because the plate curves gracefully. Such architecture made the lock flow with the lock panels toward the wrist. Later locks tend to be more straight.

Fitted with a fly detent, this lock works equally well with set or plain triggers. The big mainspring flexes over its entire length, an improvement over earliest production.

Use this large percussion coversion lock on an early longrifle, with straight octagon or swamped octagon barrel, 15/16” to 1-1/8” at the breech. Use a 7/16" drum, our number #DRUM-75-FL and drum drilling jig to properly align the nipple.

Our Edward Marshall and Jaeger pre-inlet stocks are cut to accept this lock.

This lock is shown at exact-full-size, in Track's new catalog for gunmakers and gunsmiths.

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