Flint Lock, French Tulle Fusil de Chasse,
with A. TVLLE marking
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Tulle, France was well known for producing the popular hunting gun for trade to American and Canadian natives, French Colonials, and hunters during the early 18th century in the North American Colony of New France. These fusil de chasse were lighter and handier than contemporary French infantry muskets, making it better suited for traveling long distances in the North American wilderness. In 1716 the Governor of New France requested “600 fusils de chasse from Tulle, because they are the best. The Natives know them and will not accept any others." By 1746 Tulle was unable to meet the demand for the fusil de chasse in the Canadian market, and similar muskets were being produced at St. Etienne.

This flint lock is patterned from an antique Tulle fusil-de-chasse circa 1727. This lock uses the so-called “forged" plate design, with attached pan, but no pan bridle arm in early fashion. The frizzen pivots on an oversize shouldered screw. In French fashion the wax cast lock plate is shaped with a chamfered edge around the plate that terminates behind the flint cock. The lock plate is also marked with A. TVLLE in antique fashion. The marking has a slight curve, as found on antique muskets.

You can build an early French flint fowling gun, “fusil fin" (fine fowler), trade gun, or “fusil-de-chasse" using this lock. Order the book Colonial Frontier Guns by T.M. Hamilton, which shows photos and drawings of rare French arms. We offer full size plans for this fusil, originally made in Tulle, France, and widely traded across Canada and the Northern United States.

Our TVLLE fusil lock is assembled using the proven geometry of the Jim Chambers large English lock. Cock this lock, and notice the pre-loaded heavy mainspring rides on a cam-action tumbler ramp. This gives the lock a light release, increasing in speed through the stroke, due to increasing leverage. The frizzen tightly covers the pan. As you disassemble this lock, you will feel the tumbler and screws snugly fitted to reamed holes in the bridle and plate. Parts turn smoothly, with no wobble or binding.

Use this fine lock with a round, octagon, octagon-to-round, or swamped barrel of 1" to 1-1/16" at the breech.

When the lock is at full cock, half-cock, or full down position, the sear returns to the same location. Made for use with a single trigger, no fly detent is fitted to the tumbler. However, this lock can be used with a set trigger by exchanging the tumbler and fly from the English Fowling Gun Flint Lock by Jim Chambers.

The optional tumbler required for use with a set trigger is: #LOCK-EF-FR-TU
The optional fly detent required for use with a set trigger is: #LOCK-EF-FR-FL

We recommend our #Flint-ENG-7 English 7/8" gun flints.

This lock is shown at exact-full-size, in Track's new catalog for gunmakers and gunsmiths.
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