Early Christian's Spring, Pennsylvania Flint Lock, by Jim Chambers
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Christian's Spring Flint Lock

An early “Germanic" style flint lock, use it on transitional American longrifles of the 1750-1760 era. Made in the style of the Albrecht (Albright) family, of Christian's Spring, Pennsylvania. Edward Marshall's “Indian Walk" rifle is attributed to the Albrechts.

Larger than Siler's large lock, it is a bit more potent. The cock points directly into the octagon pan. The early “forged" style separate pan has no pan bridle arm. An oversize shouldered screw serves as a frizzen pivot bearing. The large tumbler and sear have raised bearing rings to minimize friction. This lock is surefire, if you do your part.

A fly detent pivots around its arm in the tumbler's fly mortise, preventing the sear from accidentally engaging the half-cock notch when fired. Suitable for use with plain or set triggers, this lock is recommended for colonial era longrifles with straight or swamped octagon barrels from 15/16" to 1-1/8" across the flats, at the breech.

Cock this lock, and notice that the mainspring rides on a special cam-action tumbler. This gives the lock a light release, increasing in speed through the stroke, due to increasing leverage. The frizzen tightly covers the pan. A screw retains the mainspring, a conservative feature found on military locks. Disassemble this lock, and you will feel the tumbler and screws snugly fit into reamed holes in the bridle and plate, with no wobble, no binding. Designed by Jim Chambers, his guns are displayed in Gunmaker's Hall during National Matches.

Some versions of this lock have 8-32 screws if you need parts for one of these locks, click our CONTACT US to send your question.

We recommend that you order a dozen Flint-#ENG-7 English 7/8" gun flints, too.

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