Flint lock
in the style of
Barker ~ Whatley
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This English Trade lock has 1770 to 1790’s styling and is ideal for an American longrifle, an English Fowling Gun, or a Commercial Export Trade Musket.

England was our most aggressive enemy of this era, during our American Revolution, and again during the American War of 1812 - 1814. Yet trade with the lock makers of Birmingham and London continued, and American gun makers were well supplied with imported English Trade locks, such as this Barker ~ Whately flint lock.

The plate is 5.38” by 1.03” tall, with bevelled edges, and a moulding shaped across the small pointed tail. The lock plate has a integral round pan. This pan has an outside bridle arm to support the frizzen pivot screw, a refinement for this era. When closed, the frizzen-to-pan fit is very tight.

When fully forward, the cock points directly into the pan. It will throw the sparks straight into your GOEx FFFFg priming powder. Use only about 1/3 pan full of priming, or a bit less, away from the vent, to avoid obstructing the infrared radiation that will ignite your main charge.

The top jaw is fitted to the cock in military fashion, with a notched top jaw to slide up and down the cocking lever, as you tighten the screw.

This early flint lock is designed without a fly in the tumbler, making it suitable for use with a single trigger only. Ideal for an early longrifle or flint fowling gun, N.M.L.R.A. rules do not allow set triggers in Northwest Trade Gun matches.

We strongly recommend that you select one of our simple triggers, and pin it high, in the upper front corner, to maximize trigger leverage, for a very smooth light trigger release, without compromising safety.

We recommend that you order a dozen Flint-ENG-7 English 7/8" gun flints, too.
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