Lee Bullet Mold .45-70 caliber, .459" diameter, 405 grain, hollow base U.S. 1873 Government mold, single cavity
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This new mold, by Lee, casts an exact copy of the U. S. Model 1873 Rifle & Carbine bullet, as made by Frankfort Arsenal for the trapdoor Springfield rifle.

Described in great detail, by J. Spencer Wolf, in his book Loading Cartridge for the Original 45-70 Springfield Rifle and Carbine, he discovered that modern shooters had misinterpreted the Frankfort Arsenal records. Original line art (wood cuts) depict the bullet in full side view, not the cut-away view used in most other arsenal records. Thus, the hollow base was not shown, nor noticed, until original cartridges were disassembled.

The hidden hollow base feature allows this bullet to expand instantly, to fill the bore and grooves of your trapdoor rifle's barrel. Original rifles tend to have slightly oversize bores, and this bullet allows excellent accuracy, when loaded with appropriate charges of black powder, in medium fine granulation.

If your trapdoor Springfield rifle has a fair or better bore, but does not shoot accurately, or keyholes bullets, we strongly recommend that you order this mold, the book listed above, and a jar of #JBPASTE lead removal J.B. Bore Paste.

We stock the inexpensive special expander plug and die, powder compression plug, and overpowder card, discussed in J. S. Wolf's book. With these simple tools, you can replicate the original Government cartridges. Order #LEE-DIE-45-EX die body, and #DIE-459-EXP, and #DIE-45-COMPRESS, and #WAD-460-B cards. We recommend sizing and lubricating this bullet in the #LYMAN-LUBER using #LYMAN-HI-459 sizing die, and #LYMAN-TP-191 top punch.

With the right load, correct loading technique, lead-free bore, proper lubricant, and this special bullet, our rifles stopped key-holing bullets at 25 yards, and began shooting groups under 2", at 100 yards.

The book explains how you can achieve success with your original Springfield trapdoor rifle or carbine.
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