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Primitive Candle Lantern Kit
an easy and enjoyable
kitchen table weekend project,
unfinished pine,
glass sold separately
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Primitive Lantern Kit

Light your primitive camp, and party into the night. Our Primitive Lantern kit is fully pre-cut, ready to assemble and finish. Shipped without glass. Add your panes of clear or frosted glass, perforated tin panels, or perhaps one or two mirror panels to reflect light.

Our classic design is elegant in its simplicity. About 5-1/2" square and over 17" tall, including handle. Assembled with wooden pegs, not screws or modern fasteners. Careful fitting allows you to quickly disassemble this lantern, easily, and without tools.

Cut four identical 3-1/2" x 9-1/2" glass panes from scrap glass, slide them in from the top, and insert four pegs. If you are handy with a glass cutter, save the cost of the panes, and the risk of shipping. Not skilled with a glass cutter? No matter. You may break a few pieces of scrap glass on first attempt, but you can make four perfect panes. Or, your local hardware store or aquarium shop can supply glass.

This Primitive Lantern Kit is our lowest priced lantern. Fully cut, drilled, with all wood and metal parts required. Pine parts are smooth and clean, ready for "kitchen table" assembly. Darken the wood by "scorching" surfaces to a dark patina. Or use paint or stain to achieve the look and finish you desire.

Glass Panels for Lantern Kit

Our small glass panels #LANTERN-GO are 3 1/2" x 9 1/2". Easily cut yourself, they are difficult to ship without breakage. Ours are well packed to arrive intact. Each piece in sold separately, order four (4) to complete the latern. Sized to fit our Primitive Lantern Kit. Headed out for the rendezvous season? If so, carry a spare glass pane or two, for your many primitive lanterns.

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