Gunsmithing Labor: cut and crown the muzzle
Part Number: LABOR-CC
Availability: Special Order, 3 to 7 days, not refundable.
Price: $25.00
We face the muzzle end square with the bore, then crown the bore until the sharp edge of the lands and grooves are chamfered to allow easy loading. This "minimum crown" produces best accuracy, and can be chamfered further, if desired, for faster loading. Specify the desired barrel length, and whether plug is included in length.

When shortening a quality barrel blank more than 1" from the original length, we recommend cutting and re-threading the breech end. We will automatically change this labor to the higher cost labor to rethread the breech if the shortened length is greater than 1", to save the muzzle end and eliminate risk of visible run-out at the muzzle.

Barrels that have been shorten are not returnable.
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