Horn measure valve, pouring spout, small horn plug and 2 small bushings
Part Number: HVP-SM-B
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Price: $29.95
This five piece set includes a horn valve (#HVM), pouring spout (#SP-000), small horn plug (#HPS) and two small bushings (#HVB).

Our brass horn valve is threaded to accept the pouring spout or our calibrated charger spouts. Our threaded brass bushing simplifies installation of the valve. Simply glue it into your horn's neck, providing a strong 3/8-24 thread. Fit the bushing in a 15/32" drilled hole.

Our small powder horn base plug features 3/8-24 thread. The head diameter is 5/8". This brass plug is designed to be installed in the large end of a powder horn. It provides a removable plug for easy filling and a place to tie your lanyard. You will receive a total of two small brass bushings in this set.
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