Knapping hammer,
for flint lock shooters,
brass head, forged iron handle,
overall length is 4-3/4",
for resharpening gun flints instantly.
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This flint knapping hammer has a hand forged iron handle with a brass hammer head, for sharpening gun flints instantly.

Overall length is about 4-3/4". Tie a leather lace or lanyard to the tail, to prevent it from becoming lost.

Made for flint lock shooters, this hammer will sharpen the flint in your lock, instantly.

NEVER sharpen the flint on a loaded gun!

Some flints can be re-sharpened 1 to 10 times, after every 20 to 30 shots.

Place the hammer at half-cock, and gently strike the front edge of the flint, square-on. This straight-on blow chips the upper and lower edges of the front edge, revealing a sharper edge.

When the top jaw screw comes close to the frizzen face, your flint is too short for this gun. Use it in a smaller flint lock (pistol lock) if it is still sharp.
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