Multi Color Saddle Blanket Gun Case,
leather trimmed, canvas lined,
for long guns up to 49",
including most Sharps & Winchester Rifles,
made in the U.S.A.
Part Number: GUN-CASE-SB-T-49
Availability: In Stock
Price: $57.99
These high quality gun cases are made from multi-colored saddle blankets, woven with heavy cotton yarn in a varying south-western geometric style pattern. The bottom edge is covered with brown leather with decorative trimmed edges. The mouth closes with a leather strap. The inside of the case is fully lined with heavy white cotton canvas.

This lovely gun case will accept your long gun, up to 49" length, with a overall length of 52". Most Sharps, Remington, Ballard, and Winchester rifles will fit this case.

Made from hand-woven saddle blankets, no two are exactly the same color or pattern, exactly like the hand made originals!
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