Gun case, white canvas, accepts pistols up to 26" long.
Part Number: GUN-CASE-26
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Price: $6.99
Made from tent canvas, our slip-on gun cases are sturdy, inexpensive and legal.

The end flap folds and ties at end. Our 26" length pistol case has a wide 7-1/2" base flaring to nearly 9" width, a 24" pocket, plus an overlapping flap and tie closures.

It should be long and wide enough to accept huge early flint holster pistols, dragoon pistols, and officer's pistols (sometimes called "horse pistols" since they were carried in cone shaped leather saddle holsters).

The case is about 24" long to the mouth of the pocket, with a long flap and ties over secure guns 26" long.

The pocket is about 7-1/2" wide at the muzzle, tapering to nearly 9" width.

Small pistols fit with ease, and the tie tags and folding flap hold them securely.

Blanket guns, Canoe guns, and the unusual Mare's Leg (lever action hand gun as carried by Steve McQueen in the TV series), Volcanic lever hand guns, Colt Lightning pump action hand guns, and other unusual hand guns will fit neatly.
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