Long Range Hunter Barrel for T/C Hawken Rifle,
.50 caliber, 1-28" fast twist for bullet, 15/16" octagon, 28" length,
blued, 4.9 lb, percussion, new, by Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co..
Part Number: GMT-50-C-TC-28-BX
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available.
Price: $359.00
Thompson Center drop-in barrel, .50 caliber with 1-28" twist for a conical Maxi-Ball or Minie-Ball. 15/16" octagon by 28" length. Percussion ignition for a Thompson Center Hawken rifle. The barrel, plug, fiber optic adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front sight, rib, rod pipes, and underlug are blued. Weight is 4.9 pounds. Fully assembled, this nice barrel is new-in-the-box, unfired. Made in the USA, by Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Company.

Additional hickory ramrods are available #RAMROD-285-TC-H.

An optional dark brown Delrin nylon ramrod is available at extra cost. Order #RAMROD-285-TC.
The Delrin nylon rod is may require the addition of a ramrod retaining spring mounted in place of the rear rib screw. Use ramrod retaining spring #GMT-TC-RRS.
Use ramrod retaining spring screw #SCREW-6-48-TC-RRS-X
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